About James

Meet James

Board of Education President James Harris is a parent, former teacher, and East Oakland native. His passion for education began at 16 as a teaching assistant at the Aim High Summer Program, which prepares children from low-income communities for success in high school and life.  James continues to serve on the Aim High East Bay Leadership Council. He is also a founding board member of Great Oakland Public Schools and a current board member at Youth Uprising.

As Board President, James has led efforts to keep our students and schools on the right track. Graduation rates and student test scores are up, and dropout rates are down. And more Oakland students are enrolled in the computer science and job training programs that prepare them for good jobs than ever before.

Growing up in East Oakland I had lots of opportunities to go down the wrong path. I consider myself fortunate, but a story like mine should be the rule and not the exception. I love Oakland, and I'm proud to serve East Oakland’s students, families and community.

James owns and operates a successful San Francisco media company. He and his wife are the proud parents of Morgan and Savannah.